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! Opentao Extended Search - changes in search methods

08.08.2013, 08:00 am Taobao has changed its official searching method. The aim of Taobao.com is to provide better service to its customers and to exclude the presence of low-quality items, frauds and counterfeit goods on the marketplace. The new method lets to search items over Tmall zone. We hope that these innovations will help us to make trade with China safer and better.

However, many of our clients are accustomed to old Taobao searching method, which lets you to find pretty decent things at ridiculous prices. Therefore, we offer Opentao Extended Search that allows your customers to search for products throughout Taobao.

All the questions about Opentao Extended Search you may ask here:Please note. Due to changes in search algorithms, when Opentao Extended Search is used on your site there may be some changes in taobao categories (may appear empty categories or and inconsistencies in them). These are temporal problems and we solve them.

Therefore we recommend you to request support (http://support.opentao.net/) to turn your site to official Tmall searching method while we are fixing categories in the Opentao Extended Search. As the synchronization of categories will be completed, we will announce it and turn your site to Opentao Extended Search by request (if you will need it).
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